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Our Company

Our office and workshop facilities are located at Unit 1/15 Shettleston Street Rocklea.

Our delivery area facilitates the ease of receiving and the shipment of goods and materials for project and service contracts.

Our workshop area has benches and testing equipment is available for the provision of repairs or assembly work as may be required.

Our workshop is situated for easy access to the Brisbane Metropolitan area and to major arterial roads.

Our service vehicles are maintained on a regular basis in accordance with the appropriate manufacturer’s recommendations. Optimum condition of our vehicles is sustained to enable prompt service to our clients with the minimum delay wherever possible.

Our company reference library expedites problem solving on many makes of equipment and enables management and technicians to familiarise themselves with manufacturer’s fault finding techniques including electrical circuit diagrams for the specific manufactured system.

Our company ensures Australian Standards appropriate to our industry are on hand and updated when required to enable correct analysis and procedures to be adopted by our Company.

(ABN 44 010 511 225)